Edinburgh, Scotland

United Kingdom

Is Scotland a mission field?

You may have a certain place or people group in mind as to where missionaries ought to go. (The Shocklie's did too. When Caleb felt called to the U.K, he kindly reminded the Lord of some places that He typically sends missionaries to: remote places with little to no access to the gospel, often experiencing poverty, oppression, or danger.) 

So, this could leave some questions of, "Why the United Kingdom? Why Edinburgh?" Although where they are serving, there is less of a physical need to assist with poverty or major hardships, like one might imagine. However, the truth is the United Kingdom, which was once a hub of Christianity, is now a post Christian nation in desperate need of revival. There is a deep need and purpose for Christians to proclaim the gospel to those that don't know Jesus Christ in the United Kingdom, and specifically in Scotland.

The stats show that the church is in a rapid decline. Scotland is a mission field, that requires help to reverse the declining trend. By God’s grace, there are Christians and local churches in Scotland who understand all this better than anyone, and the Shocklie's are eager to work alongside their Scottish brothers and sisters in Christ.

Scotland used to be called the "Land of the Book," referencing how common The Bible was in everyday life. But now: 

  • Just 50 years ago, 50% of Scotland was in church on Sunday morning. Today, that number has plummeted to less than  5%.
  • Over 40% of Christians in Scotland are over the age of 60
  • The Church of Scotland is losing 16,000 members a year with the rate of decline accelerating, according to the research conducted by the Church of Scotland. 

Edinburgh City Profile 

The Ministry

Caleb and Summer will be church planting in Edinburgh. Their first term will be five years long. They view this ministry as a long term endeavor, seeking to train up future local church leaders. Their ministry will take place in their home, relationally over coffee, meals, scripture and worship and will look different than a traditional church service.

They are currently in our first step and are praying about where in Edinburgh to plant, who will join them, and refining the vision of the church. 

Caleb and Summer are also committed to living missionally in their day to day, knowing that most people they encounter have never met a committed Christian. They seek to use their God given gifts to glorify Him.

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