The Team

While in the United Kingdom, the Shocklies have several partners so that they may become trained, educated, equipped, and serve. They believe accountability and support is crucial to any ministry.  (Clicking on the links will provide more information about each partner.)

The Antioch Partners (TAP)

TAP is the sending agency in which the Shocklies are partnering with. They give them the ability to raise support, obtain care, accountability, and training, and minister with excellence.TAP’s mission is to send out followers of Jesus in participate in God's mission in the world. Their commitment as a sending agency is to expand long-term, cross-cultural, incarnational ministry opportunities for Presbyterians. 

ECO Presbyterian

Caleb is an ordained minister through ECO. Though they envision the church(es) they plant will be theologically aligned with ECO, their vision for the church(es) God uses them to plant is that they will be related to a network of churches in Scotland, an order to advance God's kingdom.

Hope City Edinburgh 

Summer and Caleb have a strong personal relationship with Hope City Edinburgh, as they served as a part of the planting team in 2018-2020. 

Pastor Matt Round is committed to being a local church planting coach to support Caleb and Summer in Edinburgh, though the Shocklie's church plant will not be formally affiliated with Hope City Church Edinburgh.

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